4 Great Jewellery Ideas for a Valentine’s Day Gift


With Valentine’s Day looming just around the corner have you thought about what gifts you are going to get your loved ones. It is the most romantic day of the year and a fantastic time to showcase your affection for your loved one. Whether you’re looking for earrings or a necklace at Handleys of London […]

How to identify if your gemstone is real


Knowing if a gemstone is real or fake is an important skill to have if you want to confidently buy jewellery in the future. It will ensure that you do not end up handing over a great deal of money for a fake gem. It can also help you on your path to finding some […]

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring


  With Christmas just around the corner I am sure there are a lot of you planning your proposal, so why not consider the ever classic solitaire engagement ring. When people come in looking for an engagement ring for their loved one, they often find themselves overwhelmed with the amount of different styles that we […]

How to take care of your diamond jewellery


Whether it is your first piece of diamond jewellery, your engagement ring or your wedding band, a diamond is still one of the most precious gifts that you can receive. Therefore, it is vital to know all of the tips and tricks to keeping it safe and in the best condition.   Cleaning your ring   Of […]

Antique Cut Diamonds


Today when a diamond is cut the cutter run their rough diamond through their computer software. Then this sophisticated software will map out all of the inclusions and exclusions in the diamond. With this digital map of the diamond’s internal and external structure being produced, the diamond cutter will be able to plan their cut […]

History of the Diamond Engagement Ring


When it comes to engagement rings there is no other gem that symbolises love and beauty like a diamond does. Diamonds represent an eternal and enduring bond, which is fitting due to their unmatched strength and beauty. I am sure that one day you will no doubt cross paths with a diamond engagement ring at […]

Porosity – The Silent Killer


You may or may not have heard of the term porosity, it is often whispered throughout the jewellery industry. Porosity has been known as a silent killer and is one of the biggest issues that jewellers face when making jewellery. Any piece of jewellery that has been casted can be affected by porosity. If the porosity […]

The Rise of Rose Gold


  Most people will inform you that gold is widely available in two different colour white and yellow, if you want to know the difference check out “Guide to precious metals“. However, move out of the way gold and silver, this year’s new trend is the ever romantic rose gold. Rose gold has become one of […]

Are coloured diamonds the new thing?


What is a coloured diamond? You may have heard the term ‘fancy coloured diamond’ been used in recent years. However do you know exactly what a fancy diamond is, or what it is that makes them coloured? The different impurities and defects within the structure of the diamonds is what causes the different colours, that […]

The most popular diamonds for engagement rings


Choosing a piece of jewellery, let along an engagement ring with which you intend to propose is a very subjective and personal experience. There are also a staggering amount of variables to take into account, so as part of our blog series on engagement rings we are here to help you decide on that perfect […]

Is the Diamond Producers Association the answer?


On the 27th May, seven of the world’s diamond supply leaders, including firms like De Beers, whom in 1989 controlled 80% of the global rough diamond market, set up the Diamond Producers Association (DPA). The DPA label themselves as the world’s first “international representative organization for the diamond industry”; they are expected to play an […]

Are Synthetic Diamonds a real threat?


Over the last decade technological developments and economies of scale have brought about an increase in the production of synthetic diamonds. Synthetic diamonds have been mass produced since the 1950’s, due to their wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry, ranging from being used in drill bits to sandpaper and scalpels. However, some of […]

De Beers to Sell Famous Kimberley Mine


After over a century of diamond fever in Kimberley, De Beers is looking to sell the asset which brought them world renown and fortune, the legendary Kimberley mine.  Over the last century the Kimberley mine has produced more diamonds by carat than any other mine in the world and was a key asset for De […]

Hatton Garden Robbery: The Aftermath


*image courtesy of The Guardian On the 2nd of April a reported 56+ safety deposit boxes were stolen in broad daylight in Central London from the centre of the UK’s diamond trade, Hatton Garden. Information is seemingly being protected by Scotland yard with no definitive primary suspects having been announced thus far, although The Times […]

Welcome to our News section!


Welcome!  At Handleys of London we understand that buying bespoke jewellery, engagement rings or diamonds can be a daunting prospect.  The choices are almost infinite, whether that be based upon design, precious metal, diamond type, type of cut, price, the list goes on and on.  That is why we are endeavouring to not only keep […]


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