How to Match Wedding Jewellery to your Dress


Wedding jewellery is essential to ensure you become the best possible version of yourself for your wedding day. Jewellery can either make or break your wedding dress, which is why it’s so important to know you’re making the right choices when it comes to buying your wedding jewellery. At Handleys of London, we’ve worked with […]

What style of engagement ring suits you the best?


Many people may not realise this, however when you are choosing your engagement ring you should really take into account the size and structure of your hand. Think of it as buying a suit or a dress, when you try it on you make sure that it will flatter your figure and matches your style. […]

The Handleys Process – Part 3 – Casting the ring


In the last two articles you have seen how we will take you through the initial consultation meeting, as well as how our skilled designers create your CAD images and wax models. Finally we can move on to getting your design made, we work with expert goldsmiths based in London acclaimed for working with other high-profile […]

The Handleys Process – Part 2 – Design


Following on from the initial consultation we will then take you through the design stage, which will let you see your design for the first time. The design stage is split into two sections; the first of which is the CAD design. Computer animated design (CAD) allows experts to produce detailed 3D images; this method of design […]

A to Z of Gemstones


Precious and Semi-precious stones   There has been a lot of debate over what differentiates a precious stone from a semi-precious one.  These are terms that first came into use in the mid 1800’s, before that all gems were classified individually. Many people will make the mistake and define any translucent and polished stone as […]

The Handleys Process – Part 1 – Consultancy


This series of blog posts will take you through step by step one of the processes of how we create our fully bespoke jewellery. Many of you may have carried out the bespoke jewellery process, but do you all know exactly how it happens?   The first step of commissioning your very own piece of […]

How to buy the perfect size engagement ring


At Handleys, we believe that the process in choosing a piece of jewellery should be the same as anything else you wear. You wouldn’t wear a pair of shoes that were too tight or trousers that were too long, so why would you wear a ring that wasn’t properly fitted? That is why we take […]

A guide to precious metals for rings


For rings with stones set in them, the stone is the focal point for the piece of jewellery and as such is often the most considered feature. However, the ring makes up the majority of the material for the piece and therefore the choice of metal used to create the ring can have a significant […]

Guide to Birthstones


What are Birthstones? Twelve precious and semi-precious gemstones have been assigned to the twelve months of the year. Each of which have their own unique significance in history and power.  Many cultures have recognised the symbolic meaning of birthstones throughout history. Each stone promotes their individual attributes and healing powers when worn in their corresponding […]

Diamond Glossary of Terms


*Images sourced from    4C’s – Developed by GIA the 4C’s are Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat.  They have become the universal method of assessing diamonds and provide a methodology by which jewellers across the world can abide to in their diamond certification process.   Abrasions – Small nicks usually appearing on the facets of […]

The Evolution of the Modern Round Brilliant


The modern round brilliant cut or standard round brilliant diamond is the most popular and most recognizable diamond in the world, used as the centre piece of most engagement rings produced today .  Its evolution can be tracked through the centuries as jewellers experimented with diamonds to perfect the art of diamond cutting. Typically utilising […]

What is IGI Certification?


IGI stands for ‘International Gemological Institute’ and is a global grading organisation for diamonds, gemstones and jewellery with 17 offices around the world in locations such as Antwerp, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles, Mumbai, Tokyo, Bangkok and Chennai.  IGI was established in 1975 and has been growing ever since to become one of the […]

What is GIA Certification?


GIA Certification is a globally recognised diamond certification process or quality standard.  It was created by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and offers an independent analysis of a variety of precious stones, most notably that of diamonds. GIA The Gemological Institute of America is an independent nonprofit organisation dating back to 1931.  Ever since their […]

The History of Hatton Garden


Hatton Garden is not only London’s undisputed jewellery quarter but also the centre of the UK’s diamond trade. Millions of pounds in diamonds, precious stones and jewellery are traded through this street (and surrounding area) in London that dates back to the Medieval times. But how did it start?   Early History   The name […]

Welcome to our Guides


Welcome to Handleys of London’s guides.  We want to cover absolutely anything relevant to the diamond or jewellery industry.  It is something that we are quite obviously very passionate about and being situated in Hatton Garden we are right at the beating heart of both the UK’s diamond and jewellery trade but also a major […]


Handleys of London are a diamond dealer and bespoke jewellers in the heart of London’s jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden. With 2 generations of experience in the industry, we have compiled some essential information for anyone interested in bespoke jewellery or diamonds.