Jewellery Valuations London

Through our two generations of experience in the diamond market we offer our clients a transparent, stress free and comprehensive diamond and jewellery valuation service. As with all of our services, it is of the utmost importance to us that our clients have complete clarity on the process and the market rate for all jewellery valuations. Being situated in Hatton Garden, the heart of the UK’s diamond trade and London’s jewellery quarter, we are constantly aware of the real time value of diamonds and are transparent with this information for our clients.


Like for Like Service

At Handleys of London we ensure that our clients have as much information in regards to the value of their diamonds, gemstones and jewellery as possible. That is why we do not simply present a monetary figure but instead also articulate the like for like value of their assets compared with other diamonds and gemstones. As a result, our clients are able to have a complete view of not only the value of their particular assets in a monetary form but also where it sits within the market as a whole. This means that they are not left exposed to fluctuations in market price but instead can value the diamond and/or jewellery on its individual specifications.



We also offer a unique valuation service based upon rarer stones that don’t have as many comparable stones on the market. We can offer bespoke valuations on rarer stones up to 10 carats.


Recommended Insurers

Our experience within diamond valuation means that we can subsequently make the best recommendations when looking to insure your assets. We have a list of preferred insurers and refer them to our most trusted insurance options depending on their diamond(s). It is this full service that our clients have always experienced from Handleys of London that makes us the very best diamond and jewellery valuations service London has to offer. It gives them the knowledge to confidently make decisions with their assets resulting in complete peace of mind.


Jewellery Valuations

Unfortunately accidents can happen, therefore in case of loss, theft or damage it is vital that all of your jewellery is insured. Our high standard jewellery valuation service is acknowledged as a reputable service by insurance companies across the globe. Our valuers meet the increasingly high standards of the National Institute of Registered Valuers, meaning the accuracy of our valuations are second to none. Some jewellers will charge you a percentage of the value for their valuation service, however we don’t look at the valuation service as a profitable service. We see it more as a favour, rather than offering a variable valuation service we offer a flat rate of £100, so no matter what size or value your piece it will always be the same.


Diamond Valuations

It is always recommended that you get your diamonds certified, not only will it retain its value better but it will also help for selling in the future. Through our years of experience in the diamond industry, we are proud to offer a completely transparent diamond valuation service. In order for your diamond to retain the most best value, we recommend that you get the diamond valued by the GIA. We’ll send your diamond to the official GIA headquarters in Carlsbad, California where it will be appraised by expert gemologists. GIA certifications are globally recognised as the most trustworthy certification in the entire diamond industry.